Jun. 15th, 2016


Jun. 15th, 2016 03:44 pm
grrltastic: (summer)
New Orleans was SUPER GREAT, you guys! I had a really lovely, relaxing time and I am kind of (very) in love with the Big Easy now.

In addition to having a marvelous time with [personal profile] pinesandmaples , I also got to hang out with a bunch of random gay men I met at what is evidently the oldest continually-operated gay bar in the country, ride my bike around the French Quarter, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PRODUCTIVE. It was glorious.

But now I'm back home and back down to business, which also feels good because it is putting me closer to the date when I can move back to a place where there is the sun and also strangers who are very friendly and will hang out with you in a bar even though you just met.

I'm gonna make it.


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