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This seems to be a topic of conversation lately, and I have a couple thoughts.

1) I was party to a conversation on FB earlier today about the logistics of menstruating while homeless. A number of people in the thread talked about donating things like THINX underwear or reusable pads to homeless communities. And just... no. The idea of having to manage a bunch of blood-soaked fabric while navigating houselessness sounds like a nightmare. Some days it's too much hassle for me even when I have regular access to a bathroom and washing machine. It's a privilege to be able to spend so much time thinking about how to manage my period.

2) I had an experience the other day that solidified why I will never fault anyone for choosing to not use a menstrual cup: I was emptying mine in the bathroom at work a couple days ago, and accidentally dropped it. It rolled across the floor, leaving a trail behind it as it went. Ugh.

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