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Trish and I have reached a home-improvement related impasse. Backstory: We live in a shitty, low-rent apartment with a bunch of neighbors who have screaming children and/or (up until last spring) routinely got strung out on meth and rearranged their appliances out on the shared lawn. Situation: our kitchen cabinets suck.

They are awful, dark, miserable particle board that is slowly reverting to the pulp from whence it came and the veneer (if you can even call it that) is melting off. The other day it occurred that we should sand/paint the cabinets as a means to make the kitchen more attractive/less gross.

Trish suggested that we go for black or dark brown, as then we would not have to repaint before we moved out.

I suggested that we paint them an avocado color because everyone loves the '70s and also fuck worrying about repainting; the apartment's a shithole and any changes we make can summarily be considered as "improvements" even if said improvements mostly involve drilling a bunch of holes in the walls and installing garden beds made of salvaged 1 x 4s. 

But for reals, I think that painting the cabinets black would make our already tiny, dismal kitchen seem even tinier and dismal-er and that. At the very least, no matter what we do (short of pulling them out and replacing them with alligators or angry bees), we can't make them worse. And also, avocados are delicious..

The most unsettling part is that I don't think we've actually disagreed on anything before. And now it's cabinets.



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