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 I'm here,  on what is essentially the eve of my new life, missing 2011. Again. Still. I don't know. 

Objectively, I know that I was desperately miserable during that time. But at the same time, my good days were so much better than anything I get now. I was building myself up from scratch and had nothing but potential. And I knew it. 

I dunno. Stable, adult life is just so... tepid. I hate it. 

Date: 2016-12-31 05:38 pm (UTC)
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Oh god, I had almost this exact conversation last night.

My prescription from friends was to continue making my own adventures because "Master of Your Own Fate" and whatnot. But yeah, jeezo. After a rollercoaster, a steady upward climb just doesn't have quite the adrenaline.
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Just came on DW for the first time in ages and came to see how you're doing. Congrats on graduating and the job and the new financial situation! :D

Stable adult life can be tepid/boring, sure, but I'll take that over being fucking broke and living with my parents any day, thanks. ;) Go to work, kick ass and take names, build your resume so that your high-paying job can leverage you a future high-paying job doing more awesome shit, then leave work at work and go home and do whatever the fuck you want, because you have disposable income and no homework. And vacation days!

Just think about that: soon you'll have school paid off and be in the black and with digits in the savings account, and throwing darts at a world map to figure out where to take holidays.

Then there's MY plan, Freedom 50. On my 30th birthday I had to stretch it to Freedom 55 but I think 50 is attainable again once I graduate. That is, of course, the year I plan to be able to retire. If I'm still working after that, it'll be because I enjoy my work too much to stop. Life goals. Adulthood doesn't have to be either in a rut or out dangling on the edge, there are other options. :) Congrats again on living up to your potential by finishing school and launching a career! Yay you did it!


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